Types of Work Not Permitted in HS

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Types of Work Not Permitted in HS

Post  max ng on Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:48 pm

The following are not permitted in HDB flats:
Laying of wall tiles or spray of rock tone finish, cement sand finish and gypsum plastering on the internal faces of HS walls including ceiling
Laying of floor tiles using adhesive materials
Laying of 2nd layer of tiles on floor or skirting tiles
Installation of cornices within the HS
Installation works with fixings using power driven nails into the internal HS walls
Tampering with, removing or covering up of the HS door notice. The HS door notice provides important information to the occupants on the proper use of the HS
Indiscriminate hacking and drilling of the HS walls, floor slabs and ceiling slabs, other than drilling into HS walls and ceiling slabs to affix removable screws on inserts, provided the depth of the insert shall not exceed 50 mm
Hacking to both internal and external face of the household shelter walls to form key for tiling
Hacking or indiscriminate drilling on external face of HS wall for mounting of feature wall panels or wall tiles installation
Modifying, changing, removing or tampering of HS door
Modifying, altering or tampering with any part of the ventilation openings, plates, and mounting devices such as bolts and nuts
Painting to the interior face of the 6mm fragmentation stainless steel plate of the ventilation sleeve, ventilation sleeve, "O" ring rubber gasket and four or eight numbers of stainless steel bolts, which hold the steel plate to the sleeve

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